A Quick Look at Heat Pump Maintenance

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Heat pump technology has evolved a lot and it is very relevant to discuss maintenance tips for your heat pump. A heat pump is generally used in homes for comfortable temperatures inside all year around. If maintained regularly, it is energy efficient and can get you a tax credit.

In Shawnee, OK, HVAC system maintenance and repairs are very important as the temperature places alot of pressure on the system. You may wonder if your heat pump really needs servicing. If our sources are to be believed, regular maintenance can reduce energy costs up to 25%. Routine maintenance also ensures the heat pump performs well and it helps to prevent damage to components like the compressor.

The Cost

As you would expect, cost of this maintenance will depend on the service provider. If you contact us at Comfort Control Specialists for HVAC maintenance in Shawnee, OK, we would rather inspect the system first before providing an estimation.

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If you monitor the heat pump regularly, you can prevent many problems down the road. For example; the defrost cycle is a part of the heat pump when it is cold outside. But if you find it coming on frequently and lasting more than 15 minutes, this is a concern and you should call for some maintenance to be performed before it gets worse. 

Additionally, you can do your part by checking the vents and replacing the air filters.

HVAC Shawnee ok


You may wonder how often a heat pump should be checked? You should get the heat pump serviced at least once a year. It is better to do it right before winter hits your city. In the situation your heat pump is your primary heating and cooling system, rather than only a supplementary system, you should get it serviced twice a year.

HVAC Shawnee ok

Maintenance Tips

  • Replace the air filter every 50 to 60 days.

  • The outdoor unit should be debris, dirt and grease free.

  • Keep 2-foot clearance area around the heat pump.

  • Keep the vents clean for good airflow.

To replace a heat pump or any other flaws in your HVAC system and to get repairs in Shawnee, OK, come to Comfort Control Specialists. We will help to keep your system performing throughout the frigid months.