Air Balancing – What is It?

HVAC technician checking Air Pressure

Air balancing improves air circulation, increases energy efficiency and improves air conditioning and heat systems overall performance. For an owner, it means that each room is provided with the right amount of air (which is hot or cold).

The technicians of heat and air in Shawnee, OK perform air balancing process by checking and adjusting the system using their skills and tools. They examine and adjust your intake and output accordingly.

Air Balancing

Air balance consists of changing your heating and cooling system to ensure that the air throughout your home is distributed properly. Problems with air balancing are common in houses but can be easily adapted with and without professional assistance.

Tips on Air Balancing

It's time to rid yourself of those annoying cold and hot spots. Here are a handful of tips you can do yourself or by using a home comfort technology.

Register – Close and Open

You can move the blades to control the flow of air. Be sure that the vents are not fully closed because your unit could cause other problems.

Clean Filters

A clean air filter offers additional advantages, as well as a balance of temperature: better air quality, more efficient and longer life of your HVAC system and less energy consumption.

Stop Restrictions of Air Flow

Even though registers and vents do not really provide good home decoration, they should not be covered by curtains or furniture. These components should be able to move air freely to keep your system functioning properly.

Keep Appliances Away from the Thermostat

Heat generators should not be placed near the thermostat because it can collect heat from the device and falsely read the temperature of your home.

Technician fixing duct work issues

Ductwork Fix

Due to problems in ducts like leaks and splits, uneven air distribution in your home can occur. Your HVAC expert can remedy loose pipe joints, isolate pipes or look for sharp turns. Because the repair of ducts is a complex task, you can leave the job for high-quality results to your experts of heat and air in Shawnee, OK.

Blower Fan Speed

If you know what you are doing, this will be an easy task. Make sure the power is disconnected and the blower motor and wiring are located first. Identify, change and test your HVAC system’s active speed wires. Ask for assistance for heat and air in Shawnee, OK, at Comfort Control if you doubt your know-how.

Window Coverings

The comfort level in each room is affected by your windows. Windows without drapes, shades, etc. can heat a room more quickly before a thermostat takes time to activate and add relief.

Window coverings can influence the overall appeal and comfort level and can also contribute to energy efficiency. About 76% of the sun light, which falls on standard double panel windows is converted to heat.

Air Handlers

A basement located air handler can push warm air up into higher floors of the home for both heating and cooling, as it can push cool air into the same space in the cooling season.

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