Air Conditioner Freezing – What to Do?

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Again, the summer is near us. Although the summer has lots of splendor, when your air conditioner is on your fritz, the heat can be a massive shock. How can you appreciate when you feel like your sofa is melting?

If it looks like your air conditioner has just come back from a tundra excursion into the Arctic, your air conditioner will freeze up–which is an issue and need professionals for air conditioner repair in Shawnee, OK.

Air conditioner repair Shawnee ok

Why does air conditioner freeze?

Clogged Air Filter

One symptom causing most air-conditioned problems is a dirty air filter. Air filter is the most common symptom. Dust and dirt can build up and prevent adequate airflow when your air filter is not cleaned monthly.

In turn, its over-cools your cooling substance and freezes any condensation in your air conditioning system.

The Cure: Monthly check your air filters. Give the dirt a smooth one if you see the dirt start to form. Every 3 months we suggest that your filters are cleaned or replaced. The best choice is to substitute your air filter by professionals of air conditioner repair in Shawnee, OK if the filter appears unknowable.

Air conditioner repair Shawnee ok

Low Coolant

Another symptom is that the coolant concentrations are small. This can be one of the main reasons for the freezing of your air conditioner.

This guilty person can be at the heart of many problems with your AC unit. As it is freezing, the evaporator coils are frozen by a small amount of refrigerant.

If you have a leak due to holes or cracks in your bobbins, your coolant may run low.

The Cure: Contact concerned person to conduct an evaluation. Turn off your air conditioner immediately when you suspect a leak.

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Drainage Issues

The primary drainage problems are

•         Blocking dirt

•         Drainage lines and tubes are looser

When it comes to a blockage, dirt can interrupt the water and the air conditioner can eventually freeze.

The water starts to leak in the air conditioning system and then freezes when your drainage pipes are loose if the leak isn't cleansed.

The Cure: inspect your drainage pipes during wet days. See that water passes through the drainage system.

Contact us to evaluate if you experience an obstructed drainage pipe.

Air conditioner repair Shawnee ok

Thermostat Levels

Blast your air conditioner is an easy way to turn AC in an ice cube.

Otherwise you risk freezing your spools by commonly putting your thermostat at a low temperature.

The Cure: Try to prevent your air conditioner from overusing overnight. Put only your heat wave or excessively wet day thermostat at low concentrations.

The greater the use you make of your air conditioner at the end of the day, the more probably you are to face future issues. Your air conditioner can freeze as one of those issues.

Air conditioner repair Shawnee ok

Defective Fan

Another problem that could lead to a frozen air conditioner is a defective fan.

If your fan doesn't move, propel less than normal or generate rattling noises, good indicators of a fan malfunction are.

Whether the fan is damaged or not correctly mounted, condensation will build up over time if it is not operating correctly.

The condensation overload can build up and freeze on your AC coils.

The Cure: If the supporter is damaged or just doesn't work, it's our task.

Whether it's a simple remedy or an earnest problem, your cool, soothing summer can be overwhelmed by a frozen air conditioner.

Air conditioner repair Shawnee ok

Contact Comfort Control for air conditioner repair in Shawnee, OK for a service arrangement to help us get to the end of your air conditioner problem.