Control Temperature Variation in Your Home

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In your house, there could be a ‘cold room’ or ‘hot spot.’ No matter to which temperature you fix your thermostat, the rooms are not comfortable and always feel colder than the other places in winter. In summer, similarly, those places are warmer than the different areas of the house.

Are you always setting your thermostat to make rooms cozy? Don't worry– temperature variation is quite common in older houses with thin walls and poor insulation.

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Reasons for Temperature Variations

There are numerous reasons for temperature changes in a home. The location of a room is one of the essential factors. If your room is far from your cooling and heating system, it cannot have as much airflow as close areas. 

In winter, you might let cold air unknowingly enter the room, which can change room temperature. Windows and doorways that blow in the cold outdoor wind should get new weather stripping. Modernization to energy-saving windows helps to maintain a balanced temperature in your home.

A room's size leaves a great effect on keeping temperatures comfortable. The temperature in a larger area is harder to maintain. Rooms with exposure to the sun all day are probably warmer than the darker ones. In winter, keep blinds and shades open to let the warmth of the sun come in. Use sunscreens or keep blinds closed during the summer to keep the room temperature steady.

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Maintaining Comfort

Consider a new heating system or upgrades when feel like the thermostat is just never right and temperature changes are obstructing your comfort inside the rooms. You can ask an HVAC system provider in Shawnee, OK, for advice or whether you need a new one. Use it to control temperatures independently throughout your home. Maintain comfortable temperatures in every area according to your comfort.

Would you like to raise your living room temperature for fun family night? Do you have to refresh your kitchen while cooking? Change temperature variations between rooms and let the entire family in their personal spaces enjoy their preferred comfort settings. A new HVAC system can reduce energy costs by up to 35% with the programmable thermostat. For existing system repair or HVAC system installation in Shawnee, OK, come to Comfort Control Specialists.