Will a New A/C Unit Save You Money?

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Whenever you hear your mechanic talking about the replacement of your AC, you start checking your account balance. Getting a new AC unit is pretty expensive and it can quite possibly make you anxious. But do you know how much you can save by putting a new AC unit in and replacing the old, damaged one? The best thing you will realize is the amount you will save on your electricity bill. If you see your electricity bill is an unexpectedly large amount, contact the heat and air fixer in Shawnee, OK, for an inspection of your AC unit.

Here are some benefits of installing a new AC unit at your place.


It is obvious that a new AC unit that is newly installed will be efficient. But there can be differences between two new AC units depending on their efficiency rating. The efficiency rating is called a SEER rating. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the rating is, the better the product. The highest rated AC unit available on the market is 25.

An outdated AC unit fails to generate cool air efficiently, because of this it requires more power. That is of course, not what you want.


An outdated AC unit is prone to problems and you may have to call for heat and air repair in Shawnee, OK for it. Once they install the new unit in your place, you can sleep peacefully knowing that the new the unit will be less problems. For elongating the efficiency of the unit, you need to make sure you maintain it. Proper maintenance and inspection will keep it new and there will be less possibility for it needing repair. It is always best to follow the correct maintenance routine.

Heat and air Shawnee ok

Incentives and More

Apart from the areas mentioned above, you may get incentives, discounts and more. Upgrading your unit to a new HVAC system will qualify you for incentives.

Don’t ever try to install the unit on your own. Just call the heat and air service provider in Shawnee, OK and get it installed. You can also set up routine maintenance with them so that you don’t fall into greater trouble in the future.

Comfort Control Specialists is a well-known service provider where you can get professional and instant help, regardless of the problem with your AC unit.