Ductless Vs Central Air Conditioning- Which One is a Better Choice?

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Choosing the best cooling solution for your home can readily become a confusing affair. It's enough to make your head spin with so many distinct choices out there. You may have come across ductless mini-split air conditioners from various sources related to air cooling. They are an increasingly common choice for cooling, but are they beneficial than the traditional central air conditioners? We believe so; the ultimate decision is yours.  You need to choose a proper heat and air services in Shawnee, OK, so that repairing and replacing can be hassle-free. Keep reading to see how this effective technology heaps up relative to core cooling.

What is a Ductless System?

If you don't understand, a ductless or mini divided air conditioning system is much like a central air conditioning system. Both the ductless system and air conditioner have two units: a condenser that is installed outside the home, and an evaporator air handler installed inside the house. Coolant moves between the two units, carrying the heat from inside to the outdoor unit where it is released.

Heat and air Shawnee ok

However, with a central air system, the cool air is sent through the air handler on your furnace into your ductwork. A ductless system utilizes a slim cable between the condenser and a box on your wall. There is an individualized output that enables owners to cool only the regions that need to be cooled. You can get in touch with heat and air services experts in Shawnee, OK, to know more about its operation.


  • Fast and simple installation 

  • Efficient energy 

  • Cheaper installation 

  • Quieter operation 

  • May cost up to 30 percent less to run.


  • Does not improve the quality of the air 

  • May not cool the entire house uniformly 

  • Does not remove allergens 

  • Visible inside the house 

  • May take longer time to cool the entire home.

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What is a Central Air Conditioner?

Central Air Conditioners is the process of air cooling through a system of supply and return ducts. The supply ducts carry cooled air from the air conditioner in the entire room. Eventually, the cooled air becomes warmer when it circulates throughout the room. It also helps to dehumidify the incoming air. Dehumidifying helps to increase energy use, which is beneficial for you.


  • Cools the entire house simultaneously. 

  • May enhance air quality.

  • Nearly invisible when mounted.


  • Noisy 

  • Costly and hard to install 

  • May cost up to 30 percent more to run 

  • Energy-efficient units can be expensive 

  • Ductwork can leak and increase energy expenses.

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How Do You Decide Which One is Better For You?

Before deciding which one to buy, you may consider these few questions and make your choice accordingly. Don’t forget to take suggestions from heat and air services experts in Shawnee, OK, while making the final call.

  • Do you have any ductwork? 

  • Will you look at your air conditioner? 

  • What is your home size? 

  • What's like your budget for cooling?

Get ready to choose the best cooling system for your house. The experts of Comfort Control specialists for heat and air services in Shawnee, OK, will help you make the right choice.