Furnace Problem - Causes and Issues Explained

Air Conditioner Furnace

Does your heater furnace make weird noises? Alternatively, did you notice that when you expect a pleasant blast of warm air, your unit blows cold air? If so, that might be an indication that in the next cold weather in Shawnee, OK, your HVAC equipment is about to fail. Below you will find the ten common problems with the furnace. Read about how to fix future furnace problems and how to repair them.

Causes of Furnace Problems

  • Zero maintenance

  • Dirty filters

  • Problems with pilot control or electrical ignition

  • Thermostat not functioning well

Signs to Watch For

  • The furnace fails to heat

  • Frequent cycling

  • The blower does not stop

  • The furnace produces heavy noise


It may be that the shaft bearing needs oil, the blower belt is problematic, or the blower motor has defects if a high-speed noise occurs. A seasonal tuning of the furnace helps to identify these problems before they become serious problems.

Scraping Noise

If you hear a powerful sound scraping like metal on metal, the blower wheel may be flawed. Shut off the heater and call HVAC experts in Shawnee, OK, to look if you hear a ring like this. The blower wheel could have several problems. First, it could be loose, and it can be tightened if the piece isn't damaged too much. Second, the blower wheel could be broken, and replacement is necessary. Third, the motor mount may have broken, causing the full blower mount to shake unchecked.

Mechanic Repairing Furnace

Loud Noise While Starting

There are a few things that could happen if your furnace starts with a loud pop. A dusty furnace or ignitor is two regular culprits. The burners could keep a dirty furnace or ignitor from igniting and cause gas to build up. When the gas ignites, the loud bang you hear will be created. This can lead to safety problems, in particular when the heat exchanger is cracked by one of these small explosions. Not only could this lead to a carbon monoxide leak, but you'd also finally have to replace the very costly heat exchanger.

Cold Air Blowing

There are a few reasons why cold air could emit your heating equipment. It may sound unimportant, but you first want to consider the thermostat. It is also the starting point for any technician. Confirm that the system is set to 'auto' not 'on'. When the heating system is set to 'on', even if it does not heat air, your heating system will blow continuously, thus blasting cold air. If it turns into "auto", it will only blow when required.

Your air filters should also be checked. Air filters typically need to be replaced every month to avoid dust and obstruction. The blocked air filter may restrict the airflow into your furnace if they aren't changed frequently enough. If this happens, the system can overheat, which can lead to it shutting off the heating for safety.

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