Hail Damage to Your Air Conditioner System – What You Need to Know

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Though your AC system is designed to resist elements including precipitation and harsh hail damage, your air conditioning repair expert needs to be called from time to time to inspect the damage. If your AC is in standing water, it can cause severe damage to moving parts and electronic components or other unexpected problems. The water will usually need to reach approximately one foot deep to affect the air conditioning system, but when floods occurred, call the air conditioner repair in Shawnee, OK, for an inspection.

If severe storms or floods have caused damage to your air conditioning unit, we recommend a few things to avoid further damage or dangerous situations:

  • Disabling all electrical connections on your AC system. Call your AC company to assist you in completing the process if you are not comfortable switching it off.

  • Allow drying time for your air conditioner. If possible, get rid of any standing water and remove any surrounding debris carefully.

  • Leave your AC system off until you have carried out a professional air conditioner inspection. Call and ensure your appliance is operated safely and effectively by a complete AC safety inspection by an air conditioner repair expert in Shawnee, OK.

Air Conditioner Parts Vulnerable to Damage

Some parts of your AC are inside your house, safe from storms, with central air conditioning. However, there are many key components outside your home for air collection, refrigeration, and back-to-home blowing—including a condenser coil, cooling agent, compressor, ventilator, and metal fins—with the condenser unit outside your home.

Your unit is built up of metal walls and screens, designed to protect from many elements. The air conditioning unit may still dent from hail. However, it can also damage the fans, which are still quite malleable though made of metal.

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Damage to AC Unit

Sufficient damage from hail can reshape the parts in your condenser and make them at most ineffective or inoperative. Moreover, what does that mean? Damaged metal fins reduce your system's airflow. As a result, the heat flow from your home is reduced, which means that less cool air can be produced. In short, it's harder for your AC unit to achieve a comfortable temperature.

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