Reasons behind Your Air Conditioner’s Constant Running

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You can expect that your air conditioner will run for about 15 minutes each cooling cycle on a normal day in the summer. However, you have a good chance of having something wrong with your system if your cooling cycle lasts 30 minutes an hour or an entire day. Today we, air conditioner repair expert in Shawnee, OK, will discuss what could happen if your air conditioner continues and what can be done to resolve the problem!

Why Is It Alarming?

Your air conditioner runs as often as possible with two main problems. It's a large waste of energy, the first problem. The higher your air conditioner, the more energy it consumes, the higher the charges. The second problem is that your system and its components will be placed heavily under pressure, which may cause failures and the need for repairs.

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Possible reasons for AC malfunctioning

Air Filter:

●        If the air filter of your system has dirt and debris in it, the air flow is constrained, and this can prevent your air conditioning system from functioning. The system is not able to remove humidity and cool the air at a set temperature without enough air flowing over the coils, so it is always running when it should not.

●        Sometimes even a brand new air filter is too restrictive for your system. Use a filter with a lower MERV value to improve airflow.


●        In addition to running constantly, your unit may have frozen up if it blows warm air out of supply ventilation. Turn off the air conditioner completely and immediately call a professional of Shawnee, OK for air conditioner inspection and repair.

●        Have you forgotten to service your air conditioner before you turned it on in the summer? If so it may be dirt and debris that will prevent the evaporator bowl from cooling down and make it harder for the unit to cool. Even if it was cleaned a few months ago, the unit is in a place where there is lots of grime, like in the vicinity of a restaurant kitchen.

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If the thermostat does not work properly, even at the temperature, the unit does not know how to turn off. Check your thermostat to see whether the actual temperature in the room is below the thermostat. If so, the thermostat may well need to be replaced.


The condenser buckle must also be cleaned, as must the evaporator bowling at the inside, perhaps even more because the elements are exposed. Pollutants of the air accumulate and even nest of animal or insect can prevent air flow. This problem will be addressed through a good cleaning using professional products and tools. Contact the team of air conditioner repair in Shawnee, OK, for cleaning.

Unit Size:

Have you refurbished or rearranged your space recently without changing the air conditioning system? Your unit may not be suitable to meet your space requirements anymore. Take into account your construction, size, and requirements, as well as windows and sun exposure, isolation and more, a certified HVAC professional to perform a charge calculation.

Low Refrigerant Charge:

You probably can not cool your unit if you do not have enough cooling in the system due to the leak in the coils. The unit will continue to operate when this occurs. In this case, you must find and repair the leak and re-establish the coolant at a high level with an experienced air conditioner service professional in Shawnee, OK, for the repair.

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If your blower engine doesn't produce enough air or the ventilator runs low, the system may lose enough efficiency for it to run too much. The problem can be solved by adapting fan speed. A grime layer on fan blades can slow it down so that you might just have to clean properly again.

Leaks in Duct:

You may lose cool air through leaks in the conducts, especially if you have older ducts in your home. You may not stitch the joints or you may miss the insulation. The temperature in your space will never reach the set point when enough cool air flows and the system will continue to operate.

Air conditioning units need regular maintenance, much like other appliances at home, to keep running smoothly. A technical expert will verify that everything is clean and lubricated. It will replace worn-out parts and confirms the good functioning of the thermostat. In addition to ensuring that your unit is in good work order by regular maintenance of the unit, it will also extend the lives of your cooling system.

Air conditioner repair Shawnee ok

Your best bet is to contact a specialist of air conditioner repair in Shawnee, OK and inform them if you are concerned that your A/C system is constantly running. Come to us at Comfort Control Specialists to contact our experts.