Risks Associated with Refrigerant Leaks during Winter Months

Heat pumps are something on which homes and business all over the country depend on to keep indoor warm and comfortable during winter. The heating process uses refrigerant for converting liquid and gas in the different stages of the system; it generally transfers heat between indoors and outdoors. Cooling issues and refrigerant leaks are often named together, therefore, in winter this is a severe problem.


Winter Refrigerant Leaks

A heat pump with a leaking refrigerant line in winter can pose a threat to the occupants besides impairing the heating system.

Threats of Refrigerant Leaks

In winter, if heat pumps lose their refrigerant, it will not be able to heat. It will create a lack of heat inside. When there is extreme temperature outside, lack of heat inside can be a critical issue. Warmth is required during winter for both comfort and safety.

Many homes and businesses have a backup heating system which should be used when the primary one is not working well, or it is not performing well in extreme cold. For such heating pump issues or problems with the air conditioner in Shawnee, OK, during summer, you may come to Comfort Control Specialists. When the primary heating pump is not working well or not keeping the living area warm because of refrigerant leak you should switch to the backup heating system.

In case, your home does not have a backup heating system; you should get the winter heat pump refrigerant leaks repaired immediately. Professionals are skilled for repairing heat pump or air conditioners in Shawnee, OK, for eliminating problems and for allowing the heat pump to function well restoring warmth indoors.

Refrigerant leak

Risks of Refrigerant Leaks

In winter a heat pump with low refrigerant levels can’t warm the interior adequately. These are made to be operated with a specific refrigerant charge – if it drops, the heat pump can start malfunctioning. These issues can lead to repair or replacement.

Signs of Leaks

Refrigerant leaks are always not easy to find. You need to repair low refrigerant levels in your heat pump during winter. Here are the signs that indicate a refrigerant leak.

  • Lower heat at the source

  • The heat pump cannot keep indoor air warm

  • A buzzing sound from the heat pump

  • Ice forms on pump coil

When there are issues with your heat pump or air conditioner in Shawnee, OK, you should call for help fast. Come to Comfort Control Specialists for it, and allow us to perform the repair for your refrigerant leak immediately.