The Latest Options for AC Replacement

Air conditioner repair Shawnee ok

Even if summer is quite behind us, before the upcoming cooling season many homeowners and businesses replace or repair their air conditioner in Shawnee, OK. Why? The old units use the coolant R22, and the EPA is requiring a phase-out. 

If you plan to replace your AC, this is a wonderful time to learn about new HVAC technology that is money saver and offers better comfort.

New AC replacement HVAC technology: 10 enhancements to remember.

Air conditioner repair Shawnee ok


Maybe you know this already, but don't purchase an AC substitute which uses old refrigerant R22. As we stated earlier, the EPA has gradually been eliminating it as it can damage the Earth's ozone layer. Now, the latest HVAC technology utilizes coolants like R410a.

Energy Efficiency

SEER measures the air conditioner's maximum cooling efficiency that is evaluated under ideal conditions. SEER ratings range from a minimum of 13 (lowest efficiency) to a maximum of 25 + (highest efficiency) for new air conditioners today. SEER ratings were 9 to 10 approximately a decade ago. Over time those are not that efficient, so old units are likely 7 or 8 at present. If a newly replaced AC unit has 16 SEER, then energy efficiency is greatly increased and energy costs are significantly reduced.

Fan Speed

Years ago, AC air handlers had only one speed. Today's new variable-speed fan’s technology offers low speeds during cooler days and higher speeds on the hotter days when required. Thus, it needs less energy consumption and gives less noise.

Air conditioner repair Shawnee ok

Quality Compressor

The compressor is the prime feature of an air conditioning system. The old system has probably a single step compressor, which can operate only with full capacity. The old compressors are known to make noise, use a lot of electricity, and still, cannot control the moisture well during cooler days.

New technologies for HVAC includes compressors for dual-stage operation, which can operate at less capacity if needed. The variable refrigerant flow technology is also provided with the accurate capacity required for current conditions. This technology is efficient, good for moisture control and noise-free. Compressors with scroll technology are also available, this new design is also very quiet and more effective than old compressors. When your AC has such old compressors, and it is not possible to repair it, it might be time for a new air conditioner in Shawnee, OK. Call us for a professional.


Oddly, old HVAC systems have sheet metal ducts that are sturdy but noisy. Efficiency is not great as it has no insulation for limiting heat and cooling loss.

The latest ductwork options have the fiberglass-lined or fiberboard ducts, which are noise-free and highly efficient. Flexible ducting also makes creating curves in low spaces easier. There is even a new environment-friendly option - an old denim duct wrap that is not only insulated but prevents the buildup of moisture, which can block contaminants in your HVAC conduits.

Noise Control

Does your AC wake you up at night or interrupts your business? The old AC could produce 80 or more decibels. Because of certain improvements we have described, quieter compressors, variable speed suppliers and isolated lines, around 40 decibels of the small desk fan level yield the quietest new HVAC. In an extreme condition, you should call professionals from Comfort Control Specialists to repair your air conditioner in Shawnee, OK.

Air conditioner repair Shawnee ok

Good Control

Home and commercial HVAC systems today have significantly improved temperature and moisture control options.

SMART THERMOSTATS allows homeowners and start-up companies to have control over their HVAC systems from their smartphones. Need to turn the heat down when you are on a trip? Do you need more AC in a large conference room? Adjust your smartphone app in seconds.

We at Comfort Control Specialists help our clients get the most out of their air conditioner in Shawnee, OK. Follow our website for more tips and information.