Top Reasons for HVAC Malfunction in a Retail Shop

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If you find that when it is scorching outside, your HVAC does not work in your retail store, it would be indeed annoying and frustrating. Every minute is important for your retail business and if your HVAC is not working properly, it will obstruct your business growth as your customers would prefer to shop comfortably without being tormented by the extreme weather from outside.

You have made an investment on it and despite this, the HVAC is still not cooling sufficiently. You should call a service provider of HVAC in Shawnee, OK or from where you have received the service. But before you make the call, learn some common reasons behind your malfunctioning HVAC.

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A Blocked AC Register

Check if the AC register is blocked by something or not. In offices, often employees take control of the cooling and block the AC register if it becomes too cold. Make sure that this is not the case for you before you pay the service provider for no reason. Always keep the area uncluttered where the AC register is present.

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A Clogged Filter

If you last cleaned or changed the filters a couple of years ago, it is high time to take care of the it immediately. It can be the prominent cause behind the ‘no cooling’. It is best not to try do this on your own; rather, call a professional from HVAC in Shawnee, OK, to maintain the filter and take care of it on your behalf to get it done right.

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Congested Condenser

If the condenser unit is kept outside your unit, make sure that area allows enough airflow. If it has become congested and does not allow airflow, you need to un-clutter the area immediately. If the surrounding area is congested, the condenser will not be able to release heat and thus, it will affect the cooling feature of the HVAC unit.

Managing Heat

Through windows on a hot day or due to an excessive crowd in the shop, the HVAC may start malfunctioning. It is because of the excessive heat that the HVAC unit may fail to handle. If it is because of the heat, you should try blocking the heat by designing the windows accordingly or you may need to get a larger place to allow for such crowding.

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Other Causes

  • Clogged or leaking ducts can be a reason for HVAC units malfunctioning. If the air ducts are clogged with dust and debris it may affect the cooling.

  • The coils absorb heat and release it outside. If the coil is dirty it would not be able to absorb enough heat to keep the interior cool.

  • Refrigerant is a chemical which flows through the HVAC unit to keep the place cool. If there is any leak in that path, it is possible over time, the cooling can be affected badly.

  • The fans in the HVAC system are responsible for blowing air through the ducts. If the fan motor is broken, the whole machine will fail to give the desired cooling effect.

For installing a new HVAC system, repair or inspection, you can call a service provider of HVAC in Shawnee, OK. Comfort Control is one reputable company where teams of professionals handle such situations with expertise. Call them now for your retail shop.